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2021 | January-April | Volume 13 | Issue 1

Original Article

Ana Mejia-Pineda, Marco Antonio Peñalonzo, Maria-Lorena Aguilera-Arevalo

Elevated Risk of Papillary Thyroid Cancer in Guatemalan Patients with Hashimoto Thyroiditis

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:3] [Pages No:1 - 3]

Keywords: Cohort study, Guatemala, Hashimoto thyroiditis, Papillary thyroid cancer

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1316  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Mohamad S Farahat, Mohamed K Kamel, Doaa A Saad, Hosam M Hamza

Level V Lateral Neck Dissection in FNA-proven Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:5] [Pages No:4 - 8]

Keywords: Chylous leak, Lateral neck dissection, Level V metastases, Lymph nodes, Papillary thyroid carcinoma, Spinal accessory nerve

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1315  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Ciaran Durand, Titus C Vasciuc, Chia H Tai, Raluca Orpean, Fiona Eatock, Mehak Mahipal, Tan W Boon, Kee Y Ngiam

Hypertension Cure and Reducing Pill Burden after Adrenalectomy for Endocrine Hypertension of Adrenal Origin: A Comparative Study from an Asian and UK Cohort

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:7] [Pages No:9 - 15]

Keywords: Adrenal, Adrenalectomy, Aldosterone-producing adenoma, Cushing\'s adenoma, Hypertension, Pheochromocytoma

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1314  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Original Article

Mechteld C de Jong, Kithsiri J Senanayake, Bahram Jafar-Mohammadi, Shahab Khan, Radu Mihai

Severe Ectopic Cushing's Syndrome: Feasibility of Bilateral Simultaneous Retroperitoneoscopic Adrenalectomy and Risk of Thromboembolic Events

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:16 - 19]

Keywords: Ectopic Cushing\'s syndrome, Simultaneous retroperitoneoscopic adrenalectomy, Thromboembolic events

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1311  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Lynnette RL Tan, Lau WL Joel, Bengt Fredrik Petersson

Challenges in the Management of Parathyroid Cyst: A Mini-review

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:20 - 23]

Keywords: Cyst, Hyperparathyroidism, Parathyroid

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1312  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Keshava Murthy Suryanarayana, Pindi Veechika

Atypical Parathyroid Adenoma in Pregnancy: A Rare Case

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:24 - 27]

Keywords: Hypercalcemia, Hyperparathyroidism, Imaging, Parathyroid adenoma, Parathyroid carcinoma, Parathyroid localization, Parathyroidectomy, Postoperative hypocalcemia, Pregnancy

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1313  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Liam A McMorrow, Jessika Voll, Andrew Elsaify, Wael Elsaify

Adrenal Ganglioneuroma: Presentation, Radiology, Histopathology, and Management

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:4] [Pages No:28 - 31]

Keywords: Adrenal tumor, Adrenalectomy, Ganglioneuroma

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1317  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Shaoni D Sanyal, Safika Zaman, Ajitesh Roy, Ranjan Raychowdhury

Parathyroid Adenoma Presenting as Acute Pancreatitis

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:3] [Pages No:32 - 34]

Keywords: Gallstones, Hypercalcemia, Parathyroid adenoma, Parathyroid neoplasms, Primary hyperparathyroidism

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1318  |  Open Access |  How to cite

Photo Assay

Man H Tang

Pancreatic Tail Pseudocyst Mimicking Adrenal Lesion during Laparoscopic Left Adrenalectomy for Pheochromocytoma

[Year:2021] [Month:January-April] [Volume:13] [Number:1] [Pages:2] [Pages No:35 - 36]

Keywords: Adrenalectomy, Pancreatic pseudocyst, Pheochromocytoma

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10002-1319  |  Open Access |  How to cite

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